Introduction to probability

 Probability is the numerical evaluation of chance factor of an event.

Some terminology used in Probability

Deterministic event: - Those event whose future outcome is fixed and known. Eg:- If we hit a ball in the wall it will bounce back with about the same force. Such event is termed as deterministic event.

Probabilistic event:- Those events whose outcomes are not fixed. Eg:- If we toss a coin either head or tail may appear but which one face will turn up is not known before the toss.

Trial and event: - An activity which can be repeated under similar condition and whose outcomes we know in advance but the result of which cannot be predicted in advanced is called random experiment or random trial.    Performing a random experiment is a trial. The outcome or a set of outcomes of an activity is called event.

Sample Space: The set of all possible outcomes of an experiment is defined as the sample space. Each outcome is the sample point in the space.

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